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. in the meantime, two navy warships are being positioned off libya's coast awaiting orders. president obama telling libya's president last night that the country must help the u.s. keep americans there safe. anti-american demonstrations have spread beyond libya and egypt. we will bring you any developments throughout the morning. and then at 8:35, we'll be talking about stability in the middle east with senator john mccain. le also our special series on the future of finance continues this morning. today's headliner is former who are began stanley chairman and ceo phil parcel. and r. a phil is cautioning that the comments aren't black and white. he'll explain what he thinks about the controversial topic of breaking up the big banks. >>> of course the fed may be the biggest news of the day. many expecting the central bank to launch that third round of quantitative he quantitative easing. the decision announced at 12:30. and then better bernanke will hold a news conference at 2:15 and we'll have complete coverage. another central bank already making an announcement, south korea holding interest rates
would not be getting to meet with the obama administration. and that did create a bit of a fray. president obama ended up talking to him for over an hour on the phone. but he made some of the strongest comments he's made to date, pushing back against the u.s. government at this point. >> and it's great the way the papers are portraying it. "the new york times." the israeli leader kind of stiffened the call a little bit. for the u.s. to -- in terms of iran. drudge is drudge, but it was funny. they got a great picture of him looking at obama. usa and israel in open feud. and then it says white house declines request to meet with obama. because schedule full. right after that. announces "letterman" appearance. >> oh boy. really? everything is subjective. depends on where you're getting your news. that's why some people watch what they want to hear. fox news, msnbc during the dnc. who do we have? we have people that are just really interested in investing and stocks. >> i was thinking the other day, your html high performance. you're very cerebral and smart about these things. the o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2